Most Chromebooks have a USB slot, while some with an HDMI port can be useful for presenting projects

11-hour battery life. Intel Celeron N3050 processor. Converting a Chromebook to a tablet will make the laptop the most versatile for a child. A tablet for games, or road trips to make it more portable and a laptop for homework or taking notes at school. The display is a touchscreen, which allows the child to use the device as a tablet. The laptop weighs 2 pounds (1 kilogram), making it ultra-lightweight. 12-hour battery life. Cost: Est. $245. Owing to their limited access to other apps, Chromebooks have been widely used in the education field, where children only need the internet for researching information. The operating system is simple to use and has a fast boot up (start) of just eight seconds. Even kids have now been introduced to the concept of learning about technology in schools. Are Chromebooks Good for Kids?

If you expect your child to take this Chromebook with him for classes, then he will definitely see the benefits of a backlit keyboard. While the feature is unnecessary for well lit rooms or in a tablet mode (if you have a convertible), it’s absolutely critical to see the keys while taking notes off a PowerPoint presentation in a darkened room. It features a 360° touchscreen display, which allows your child to use this Chromebook as a tablet. The 8GB RAM, combined with the 3.3GHz processor, makes the device quite powerful. By having these additional stuff, you can protect the Chromebook from your naughty children. If you permit your child to use the Chromebook, and want to have a good control on activities, you should make the account as a Supervised User.

Emitting up to 421 nits, the Pixelbook offers incredible brightness, which allows strong colors up to 75 degrees left and right. While browsing the desktop and Chrome apps, I noticed that the Pixelbook screen offered solid tactile recognition. This allows you to view the history of activities easily. Obviously, if you have proper settings in the Chromebook, you can allow your child to only use the approved apps and programs. Every Chromebook comes with access to Google Drive – an online cloud storage system for hosting files securely over the Internet rather than the Chromebook’s SSD – so when it comes to filling up the SSD, you don’t really keep that operating system and the apps there. Music can be placed on a memory card and most files can be stored in Google Drive, leaving the system storage free of clutter.

Available with coordinating carry sleeve. 11.6? display screen. However, some common PC games or Photoshop programs cannot be downloaded and installed due to its special design. What is the Best Chromebook for a Child? For a younger child whom will be supervised as he uses his Chromebook time, this an especially beneficial trait because this will allow you to set it up for him and then take a step back. It pairs nicely with a touchscreen, but it isn’t necessary.

Plus, it comes with an anti-glare display and wide-viewing angle to enhance your viewing capabilities. Yet, the fact that it is ruggedized and water resistant offers peace of mind when encountering any potential environment. Plus, the light aluminum metal body makes it sleek and cool. It also comes with built-in anti-virus protection to ensure all of your documents and files are kept safe. His web camera has a high dynamic range imagery that will make your video conversations dynamic and your contacts will see you and all the content you share, with more clarity. Acer R11 Convertible 11.6-Inch HD Touch. However, some common PC games or Photoshop programs cannot be downloaded and installed due to its special design. What is the Best Chromebook for a Child?